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Introducing the Tecmo Bowl Tebowing shirt

Any child of the '80s remembers the great crazes of the decade, from Cabbage Patch Kids to Nerf, all splashed with a healthy dose from a Super Soaker. But for video game fans, before there was the craze that was the Madden franchise, there was Tecmo Bowl.

And now, the Tecmo Bowl craze meets the fad of this year — Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. The born-again Christian quarterback, an outspoken advocate of his faith, has seen his prayerful position of "Tebowing" become unstoppable in Tecmo Bowl.

And now, because you surely must be wondering, this is what the prayerfully pondering Tebow would look like if he was a Tecmo quarterback:

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Admit it - you're sort of thinking of buying one.

Of course, this shouldn't be a surprise that Tebowing has now become a cult icon hit, much like Christian Okoye was unstoppable in Tecmo Bowl.

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