Small Town Cowboy, Big Time Talent Wayne Haddix is a dragonfly trapped in amber, forever frozen in the sublime beauty of flight. To Tecmo Super Bowl players, he is a superhero: faster than a speeding bullet, able to JJ receivers in a single leap, with hands that draw INTs like magnets. To Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans, […]

1991’s Tecmo Super Bowl is a Super Nintendo game jammed into an NES Cart. In upgrading from 1987’s Tecmo Bowl, programmers aspired to make a true NFL football simulator. All 28 teams found home in TSB. Tecmo upped the number of players per team from 8 to 11. Playbooks expanded from four static plays to […]

The late 1980s and early ’90s saw a Pittsburgh Steelers franchise struggling through mediocrity. The Steelers fell to also-rans after QB Terry Bradshaw retired. The memory of back-to-back Super Bowl wins faded under 5 and 6-win seasons. After a 6-win 1986 campaign, the Steelers held the #10 pick in the 1987 NFL Draft. Tampa Bay, holder […]

Tecmo’s New York Giants are stacked. As in Sir Mix-a-Lot, Baby Got Back stacked. Offense or defense, backfield or secondary, the Giants lack weakness. The Houston Oilers may have Warren Moon and a three-headed WR monster, but RB Lorenzo White has severe fumblitis. Philly’s fastest skill player is QB Eagles. The Raiders’ playbook limits Bo […]