Tecmo Super Bowl is a simple game to hack. Granted, hacking in 2-point conversions or turning TSB into a 7-on-7 streetfight takes some serious know-how, but the basics–changing player names and stats–is as simple as find/replace. (Granted, you could also download the TSB Tool and gain instant godlike powers over the TSB ROM, but teach a man […]

The last “Tecmo” football game wasn’t even made by Tecmo. It was made by Midway, and it was called NFL Blitz. By the end of the 1990’s, the NFL had grown into a licensing machine, jealously protective of its intellectual properties.  The cost of doing business with the league was going up. Fast. Meanwhile, Madden […]

The easiest way to win Tecmo Super Bowl is to lose. The reason? “Juice.” Juice is Tecmo slang for the stat boost COM players receive after each MAN win. A good video game increases in challenge as the player progresses[1]. Level 8-3 in Super Mario Bros. is designed to be much harder than level 1-3. […]