When Tecmo Bowl hit America in 1989, Andrew Wood was a man standing at the edge of greatness. By March of 1990, he was dead. It’s strange, sometimes, how two seemingly disparate elements can come together, and, for a moment, reveal a deeper truth. Not long before heroin took Andy’s life, he sat down in his […]

While unfortunate for its fans and share-holders, the USFL’s folding in 1986 provided many franchises of the National Football League with central pieces, including the struggling New Orleans Saints. Jim Mora, the 1984 USFL Coach of the Year who led the Baltimore Stars to a title the following season, took the helm of the Saints in 1986. After […]

Tecmo played its last Super Bowl in 1996. Their NES heyday fading and sales declining, Tecmo made one last play for the console football market with Tecmo Super Bowl for Sony’s new Playstation. Critics met TSB PSX with a resounding, “meh.” Sales lagged. Tecmo took the hint and closed the book on their golden age, bowing out of […]

In The Many Miracles of Wayne Haddix, pt.1, Wayne spoke with us about his small-town upbringing and the unlikely, winding road that led him to the NFL. This time we talk Tampa Bay, Tecmo Super Bowl, and his continuing dedication to making miracles for others. Tampa to Tecmo Super Bowl Despite posting a 5-11 record […]