Tecmo Mad Brad and TecmoVSRBI.com have joined forces with teh 8bitX Radio Network to bring you the most epic Tecmo Bowl and 8bit NES Sports podcast of all time. OF ALL TIME! The 8 Bit X radio network has invited the creative forces of the TecmoBowl-vs-R.B.I. podcast team to join them. http://www.8bitx.com…-800pm-eastern/ Our podcast which […]

Nothing really milestone to report – still massaging the live draft into something that might work reliably. I might have taken the wrong approach of mimicing the functionality of a socketio chat application and re tool it to use my data model instead of just starting from scratch. Oh well – this project has been […]

Mike Kerns weighs in on Tecmo Super Bowl’s popularity 20 years later. By Mike Kerns I never thought back when I was just 13 years old, that all of the begging I did to my parents for that new football video game would be something that I still played today at 33 years of age. […]