The Final Open of the 2013 Southeastern Tecmo Season will begin June 15th at Chesley Oaks Golf Course in Cullman Alabama at 4 p.m. We will once again have 2 tournaments following Group Play – The Elite Bracket will go to the top players from group play while all others will be seeded in our […]

WHAT : The First Annual Pacific Rim Tecmo Tournament WHEN : Sunday, April 7th 2013 – 11:00am WHERE : The Magnolia Village Pub (3221 West McGraw Street, Seattle, Washington 98199) FEE: $15 Come join Bo Jackson, QB Eagles and the rest of the gang for a day of throwback football action at the Magnolia Village […]

Buffalo, NY – 04/20/13 – Buffalo’s 1st Tecmo Bounty Tournament Buffalo’s first real Tecmo Super Bowl Tourney will be held in Cheektowaga. Featuring multiple prizes. Buy in $15 Prize pool for top finishers. $5 for each time you eliminate a player. $30 dollar bounty on NFL films star Mort(Francis Buennagel). This goes up to 50 […]

We will be having a Tecmo Super Bowl tournament 3-23-13. It will be held at the Gaming Zone at 930 W. Broadway Rd. Ste 15. Tempe, AZ 85282. Entry fee is $10. Please send rsvp email [email protected] more info. Each matchup will consist of 2 games and the same 2 teams for that matchup, with […]