Tecmo fans are familiar with The Nigerian Nightmare. What about the German Tank[1]? Give Christian Okoye a few pixels of open field and it’s a quick trip to popcorn city. But even Okoye can’t make popcorn in a cold pan. For Kansas City, it’s Left Tackle John Alt, born in Stuttgart, Germany, who preheats the […]

Tecmo Tampa is bad. Thanks for the update, captain obvious. Did you know, though, Tampa had every opportunity to be the defining team of the 1980s and 90s? What if the TSB Buccos boasted Bo Jackson? That wouldn’t be half bad. Now imagine adding Steve Young as well. Can you imagine the nightmare of play-action […]

You wouldn’t think President Trump has much to do with Tecmo Bowl. You’d be wrong. Bigly. Without Donald J. Trump, Tecmo Super Bowl would be vastly different. We wouldn’t have TSB’s superpowered Bills. Heck, if not for Trump, Buffalo might not have the Bills, period. It all comes down to four little letters: U, S, […]

Who is Philadelphia’s worst starter? Easy: Ron Solt[1]. Ron Solt is terrible. Ron Solt wins the booby prize as Tecmo Super Bowl’s worst offensive lineman. Only two stats count for TSB’s big ‘n’ uglies: Max Speed and Hitting Power. Solt, a one-time All-Star at the end of his career by 1991, scores a 19 and […]

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