Penn State’s Big Ten title could break the College Football Playoff as we know it because of this play. Wisconsin’s Corey Clement gets stuffed on a critical Fourth & 1 that seals the game for Penn State. Watch the Tecmo re-enactment below.   Penn State stops Wisconsin to seal the Big Ten title!Penn State stops […]

Today is November 30th, the most splendid day of the year: Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson’s birthday. If you’re anything like me, your spouse has been asking why they’re getting “BoDay” iCal notifications every half hour. Because Bo Jackson, honey. Bo Jackson. Enough said. Bo was drafted by four different professional sports teams: the New York […]

Tecmo Super Bowl is teeming with easter eggs. We’ve already discussed things like penalties, unused stat screens, and the infamous False Start. Some eggs, though, hide in plain sight. TSB‘s Sound Mode, for example, requires no hacking or disassembly. Simply pressing Left + B from the main title screen brings up a small dialog box which allows the […]

Christian Okoye plays TSB as himself! Chiefs Reporter, Pete Sweeney, and former Chiefs Running Back, Christian Okoye, face off in the NES classic, Tecmo Super Bowl – K.C. vs RAI. Click the image to watch! Source: http://www.chiefs.com/media-center/videos/Tecmo-Super-Bowl-with-Christian-Okoye/321003f1-a0c1-4c52-b6aa-35885382dc1d