Happy BoDay!

Today is November 30th, the most splendid day of the year: Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson’s birthday. If you’re anything like me, your spouse has been asking why they’re getting “BoDay” iCal notifications every half hour. Because Bo Jackson, honey. Bo Jackson. Enough said.


Bo was drafted by four different professional sports teams: the New York Yankees (1982), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1986), the Kansas City Royals (1986) and the Los Angeles Raiders (1987).

Bo was named after TV star Vince Edwards, who himself was a National Championship swimmer at Ohio State.

Bo is short for “Wild Boar.” The 7th of 10 children, young Vincent earned the nickname due to his wild nature.

Bo once made an appearance on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” for which he and Will Smith shot this glorious commercial:

Bo qualified for the U.S. Olympic Track and Field team.

In addition to rushing for 1175 yards his senior year of high school, Bo also served as his team’s punter and place kicker.

Bo struggled with a stutter as a child. Constant teasing by his peers often led to schoolyard fights, which made young Bo all the tougher.

Nike’s “Bo Knows” ad campaign boosted cross-trainer sales by 1000 percent. You read that right: 1000 percent.

In his Heisman Trophy-winning senior season at Auburn, Bo averaged a ridiculous 6.4 yards per carry.

There was a large online push to get “Tecmo Bo” included in a future Super Smash Bros. DLC pack. Why this hasn’t happened yet is utterly baffling to this author.

Even at 54, Bo is still a freakish athlete. He’s well known for his skills with a bow and arrow. Also, his “Bo Bikes Alabama” charity cycling event has raised thousands of dollars for disaster relief throughout the state.

I could go on enumerating Bo’s talents all day, but I’ve got a silver-and-black #34 cake in the oven. So on this happy BoDay, go spike a football in Vincent Edward Jackson’s honor and then tweet @BoJackson the warmest birthday wishes.

Thanks for being Bo, Bo. Here’s to 54 more wonderful years.

Tecmo Madison XIII has partnered with the Bo Jackson Give Me A Chance Foundation. They are raffling off meet & greets with Bo himself, a signed jersey and signed posters. Donations will be made to the foundation to help with underprivileged children. Anyone can enter to win! $1 per entry. Please participate!

Bo Jackson Foundation Benefit Raffle!

Raffle Prize Winners:
2x – Meet & Greet w/ Bo
1x – Signed Jersey
5x – Signed Poster


How many?

1 | 2 | 3 | 5 | 10
Price per entry: $1 – Drawing April 10th, 2017

Keith Good

Keith Good is a future Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and 8-bit game geek. A perpetual optimist, he convinces himself every September that this could finally be the Cleveland Browns' year. He was once told to eff off by one of the Tecmo Browns. You can check out his other work at www.keithisgood.com and follow him on twitter @keithisgood.

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