Tecmo Super Bowl II: Special Edition Acquired

Tecmo Super Bowl II: Special Edition Acquired

YES! I finally have it. I traded with a fellow collector. I have Tecmo Super Bowl II: Special Edition in my hands!


Well, that’s not how this really ends. It ends up to be far more hilarious. I sent this gentleman a box of NES titles he needed, mostly commons. He thought it was fair value. He thought he had the crown jewel. I was pumped to own said crown jewel.

…this is what showed up. TSBII:SE is actually inside, but it came with this sweet one of a kind label.


Tecmo Super Bowl II: FAIL


I did not win this trade. That’s the way game chasing go. Have you ever been shafted in a trade? Leave us a comment and we’ll whine together!


Thankfully my friend, and fellow TB author @Keithisgood hooked me up with a legit copy. But still, eff the guy that sent me this one!


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