Everyone knows Tecmo Bowl is cool. But did you know it’s Cool as Ice? 1991 was an interesting moment in pop culture. Tecmo, boosted by the smash success of 1989’s Tecmo Bowl, neared release of its sequel, Tecmo Super Bowl. Hollywood gave us a bizarre mish-mash of phenomenal films: T2: Judgement Day and Silence of the Lambs share 1991 with Father of […]

Nintendo’s Limited Palette The NES has a very limited color palette. From Super Mario Bros. to Wario’s Woods, NES games use only 64 colors. 10 of those colors are pure black. Four more are indistinguishable shades of gray. Two more are pure white. Many of the lightest values are indistinguishable on a standard TV. Capcom’s Mega Man became the […]

Tecmo fans are familiar with The Nigerian Nightmare. What about the German Tank[1]? Give Christian Okoye a few pixels of open field and it’s a quick trip to popcorn city. But even Okoye can’t make popcorn in a cold pan. For Kansas City, it’s Left Tackle John Alt, born in Stuttgart, Germany, who preheats the […]

Tecmo Tampa is bad. Thanks for the update, captain obvious. Did you know, though, Tampa had every opportunity to be the defining team of the 1980s and 90s? What if the TSB Buccos boasted Bo Jackson? That wouldn’t be half bad. Now imagine adding Steve Young as well. Can you imagine the nightmare of play-action […]