Multiverse theory suggests that all possibilities exist in infinite parallel universes. In some glitch of an alternate Earth, Super Bowl XXV saw the Buffalo Bills’ Scott Norwood miss a field goal as time expired, securing a hard-fought win for the opposing Buffalo Bills. The Super Bowl Champion Bills fought through a viscous playoffs schedule, defeating […]

25 years ago today, Tecmo Super Bowl hit American stores. Video games would never be the same. It’s no understatement to say TSB is one of the most influential video games of all time. Tecmo Super Bowl stands beside Super Mario Bros. 3 as a title that defined the Nintendo Entertainment System. It sold hundreds of thousands of […]

Tecmo Super Bowl kickers are like a car’s thermostat: you only notice when they don’t work. (Quick side note, anyone know how to fix a car’s thermostat? Asking for a friend.) Also like auto parts gone bad, most TSB kickers under-perform because they’re not being used correctly. The logic controlling TSB‘s special teams is self-evident. The […]