We can trace a straight line from Atari’s Football (1978) and Irem/Taito’s 10-Yard Fight (1983) to Tecmo Bowl. We also know TB and TSB informed John Madden Football and NFL Blitz. All these games, from Tecmo Bowl and Mutant League Football to Jerry Rice and Nitus’ Dog Football [1], trace their lineage back to 300 lines […]

Given the power to build a perfect Wide Receiver, few would make Drew Hill. WRs are meant to be towering, spidery men, all arms and legs, with an eagle’s wingspan and the ability to fly over defenders. Drew Hill stood 5’9” on his tiptoes. He barely cleared 170 soaking wet. Yet for 15 years, Drew […]

The Supplemental Draft shaped Tecmo as we know it. When we think of how our favorite players ended up in Tecmo Super Bowl, we think of the regular NFL Draft. We see bright-eyed college kids mounting the stage at Radio City Music Hall. We see the NFL Commissioner at the podium. We hear Philly fans booing. […]

Before Tecmo’s Bowl, Tehkan had a Gridiron Fight. The golden age of arcade gaming followed a simple pattern: smash and repeat; smash and repeat. Space Invaders, the first arcade blockbuster, saw a slew of copy/paste imitators with names such Attack UFO and Beam Invader. Similarly, Hangly Man, Lock ‘n’ Chase, and Mighty Mouth all hoped […]